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Too Little for Such a Big War

A young boy becomes callous to the deaths and battles that rage on during World War II. He and his friends follow a peasant soldier of a Rumanian troop as they march to join the Russians in fighting the Nazis. He watches as one of his friends dies after destroying a German machine gun nest. He is slapped by a Rumanian soldier who is livid over the boy's nonchalance of his friend's death. He becomes a mascot of the advancing unit as they proceed to a castle in Czechoslovakia. When the men dress in armor for a group picture, they are killed by the Nazis. The boy returns to find the men have been wiped out and he is taken prisoner by a German soldier. The Nazi falls victim to marauding peasants seeking revenge. They rescue the young warrior and escort him back to his home in Rumania.

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Release: 1970

Language: Romanian

Duration: 1 hr 17 min

IMDB Rating: 7.9

Genres: Drama, War,